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About me

Artem Protsenko - Professional Astrologer and Vastu consultant, Prague.

I have been studying Vedic sciences and Sanskrit for over 8 years, of which I have lived in India for 2 years.

I have been professionally consulting since 2015.

I help people understand themselves, find their purpose, improve the quality and comfort of their lives, improve relationships with loved ones and those around them, find answers to their questions and understand what to do in difficult situations. Knowledge of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), Vastu-shastra and other Vedic disciplines helps me in this.

Periodically I give lectures on Vedic scriptures such as Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-bhagavatam and others. I regularly do my spiritual sadhana and lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.

At the moment (since September 2021) I am studying at the SIVA Institute in a traditional Vedic Astrology guru/disciple school and succession. My Jyotish guru (teacher of Vedic Astrology) is Pandit Zoran Radosavljevic who is one of the most prominent and closest disciples of Pandit Sanjay Rath in the ancient tradition of Jagannath puri.



Learn more about Vedic Astrology

Astrological consultation

Discussion of any questions and topics from any area of life.


Short question - short answer

One short question with a short answer.


Astrological compatibility

Everything you need to know before and after the marriage.


Muhurta - selecting auspicious time

Choosing a favorable time for any undertakings.


Selecting auspicious name

Choosing a name for a person, company, website, organization, etc.


Selecting auspicious gems

Individual selection of gem stones through horoscope




Learn more about Vastu

Correction of living / working space

Vastu-correction of an existing house / apartment / office / shop / restaurant, etc. as much as possible.


Selection of premises

Guided help with choosing the most favorable apartment / house / premises and subsequent correction if required


Planning the premises from scratch

Site selection and layout of home / shop / office, etc. before building from scratch


Ayadi calculations 

Calculation of individual values and sizes for anything (business card, bed, table, chair, room, house, etc.)




  • The power of tradition - when interpreting horoscopes, I use traditional knowledge passed down from teacher to student in the ancient tradition of Jyotish Pandit Sanjay Rath. I do not invent anything and do not introduce innovations. This allows me to make the most accurate interpretations and give time-tested and experience-tested advice that contributes to the spiritual and personal growth of a person. This knowledge is fundamentally different from what can be found in modern books, textbooks and courses on Jyotish, and in terms of quality and depth it surpasses them many times over.
  • Vedic "background" - for more than 8 years I have been engaged in spiritual practice in the Vaishnava tradition, I have been studying parallel different branches of the Vedic sciences like Jyotish, Vastu and Sanskrit, lived for 2 years in India in a traditional Vedic ashram
  • Constant growth and professional development - for me, Jyotish and Vastu are not only my profession, or a way to make money - first of all, this is my passion. Therefore, every day I devote a lot of time to deepen my knowledge, practice what I have learned and improve my qualifications.
  • Individual approach - individual and unique methods of correction and problem solving, depending on the individual horoscope, case and situation
  • Personal communication - I always try to communicate with people at consultations so that they feel listened to and understood. I take into account your interests, priorities and circumstances.
  • Confidentiality - your data will never fall into third hands without your permission
  • Flexible format - the ability to sign up for a meeting in online / offline modes or just get a recording in audio format
  • Extensive consulting experience - advised many people from all over the world (India, United States, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Lithuania, Latvia and others).

How do we work

  • Service
    Choose the service you are interested in and place an order through the basket, filling out the service order form. You can also contact me using an email given in the "contacts" section if something is not clear to you, or if you have questions about the consultations themselves, etc.
  • Preparation
    We discuss your questions, clarify the details and agree on a term
    • 1) online format via skype
    • 2) personal meeting 
    • 3) audio recording
  • Payment
    You should make the payment in 2 working days after the reservation of the consultation term through the bank or Paypal that you will receive from me
    (if payment doesn't come in 48 hours, the consultation is automatically canceled)
  • Consultation
    We meet on the appointed date or I send you an audio recording



Kirill, Russia Kirill, Russia

I had a psychoanalysis consultation as well as an astrological reading with Artem and I was very satisfied with both of them. These things helped me to understand myself better, to find out about my predispositions, about things that I am good at and also those in that I am not. Basically, I was able to see myself more clearly and now I can understand my inner state much more better. Because of these two consultations my life became indeed more fulfilling and pleasurable. Thank you!

Stepan, Czech Republic Stepan, Czech Republic

My name is Stepan. Since I had several astrological consultations with Artem, I would like to say a little bit about each of them.
First time I approached Artem around 6 months ago. I had a chronic tonsillitis and the doctor told me that if I don’t fix it somehow, I would have to be operated… So I decided to ask Artem for an advice based on my horoscope because I knew he was doing all this kind of stuff altogether with yoga etc.
After analysing my chart he suggested a diet, various asanas and some particular Gemstones to wear. I followed everything very strictly and only after 1 week I started to feel much better but nevertheless continued to strictly follow the recommendations. Very soon after that the problem disappeared and I haven’t had any problems with my throat since.

Because I was able to get rid of my health problem following his recommendations, I decided to try to solve some other issues that I had at that time also. First of all I was very concerned about my career… Although I have finished IT with BA I was still very unsatisfied and didn’t really want to work in that area. Thus for about 1-2 years I was changing 1 job for another trying to find something that I would be happy doing but unsuccessful… Therefore I have consulted him about this problem of mine. The areas he mentioned were very appealing for me so I decided to seriously consider the options he has given. Suddenly I recollected how he mentioned «vehicles» and this particular thought in my mind completely struck me… Somehow I understood that all my life beginning from my childhood till now I actually wanted to be a pilot! Unfortunately this remained only a dream for long time but now suddenly this particular consultation did something with me so that I couldn’t resist my desire anymore and got a complete understanding of what I actually should and want to do! I know it won’t be easy but I can’t imagine doing anything else… Now I am learning in a pilot school and can’t wait for next class to come!

I was also in doubts about where should I live deciding between Prague, Berlin and London so I asked for clarification and after hearing all the cons and pros of each city I have finally decided for Prague and I am very satisfied here. Finally I had a comprehensive relationship compatibility reading altogether with a precompatibility reading. I was in a relationship at that time and although we got engaged, after several months there were too many quarrels and conflicts so the relationship was in a great danger and we wanted to split… this was the time I decided to ask for Artem’s advice again… as it appears our compatibility score is actually quite high but there were some issues that caused all the fights and misunderstanding. The consultation enabled me to look at the situation from a different point of view and understand how I should behave toward her and what I should do with my behaviour. Thus, although the relationship still goes through a difficult period, we are nevertheless together and trying to make it work. Although it is not easy we still feel happy being with each other and are convinced that we will not give up.

Kate, Ukraine Kate, Ukraine

I was fortunate enough to get a card reading from Artem on the topic of relationships. A surprisingly accurate and detailed description of the situation in my life was given. He voiced details that struck me and became for me an unequivocal confirmation of the abilities of this guy and his really fine intuition. Another thing that pleases is his responsible approach and sincere desire to shed light on your path. In general, I was satisfied and will certainly seek his consultation again.