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Jyotish or vedic astrology is defined in one of the greatest vedic texts Shrimad Bhagavatam as follows: 

“Astrological knowledge is a knowledge by which one can understand past and present unseen things. By the strength of this knowledge, any human being can understand what he has done in his past life and how it affects his present life.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.8.5)

Predictions, however, are not the only and not the most important function of Jyotish. Its purpose is to give us a guidance in our life and show the correct path. The word Jyotish means “light”. The “light of knowledge” that can help us to come out of the “darkness of ignorance”, to understand the Absolute Truth and to understand ourselves - this is the main purpose of Jyotish. It is not only one of the 6 "Vedangas" or limbs of the Veda. It is specifically the "Eye of the Veda". And as a human cannot walk and do things properly without eyes, so we cannot live our lives fully and happily without "the Eyes" of knowledge.  

As a boat travels through a sea being navigated and guided by stars, so Jyotish helps us to navigate in the sea of life in our boat of the body.

In other words it is a science based on knowledge of astronomy, time cycles, mathematics and Vedic scriptures that can help a human being to reach the perfection of life.

Although being a truly ancient (at least 8000 years old as per Surya-siddhanta) science, based on texts like Brihat-parashara-hora shastra, Jaimini Sutras, Brihat Jataka, Phaladipika etc. in our humble opinion it nevertheless stays one of the best if not the best methods of problem solving and understanding of self that are here for us in the 21st century.


Denis, Ukraine Denis, Ukraine

I had a psychoanalysis consultation with Artem around 1 year ago and I wanted to say that it was really worthy investment of my time and finances. This is because during the consultation I was really able to understand my nature which allowed me to become more fulfilled in life and made me realize what actually I should do in order to feel happier. After figuring out my psychotype (ISFJ) in connection with other 2 psychological systems that Artem uses, I became more self-aware and began to connect more with things like art, music, psychology and other humanitarian sciences without which I actually can’t feel «in my place» in life. Also I understood my other strong side which has to do with martial arts and protecting others and which accompanied me from my childhood. Thus after reflecting about my main 2 strong sides I got insights about their best application in both my private and professional life.

Oleg, Litva Oleg, Litva

Hello, for me it was a great chance to understand how I can make my life better and happier. I recommend Artem for people who try to find the real answers on their questions.

Eva, Slovakia Eva, Slovakia

I have used Aregulus services and Artem’s help several times and was surprised by the speed and clarity of the recordings he sent me. I loved the fact that he was always willing to discuss any questions and ambiguities with me after the recordings. I've never dealt with anything like this before, but I'm sure I'll turn to him again if I need any advice or help. Thank you so much!