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Jyotish or vedic astrology is defined in one of the greatest vedic texts Shrimad Bhagavatam as follows: 

“Astrological knowledge is a knowledge by which one can understand past and present unseen things. By the strength of this knowledge, any human being can understand what he has done in his past life and how it affects his present life.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.8.5)

Predictions, however, are not the only and not the most important function of Jyotish. Its purpose is to give us a guidance in our life and show the correct path. The word Jyotish means “light”. The “light of knowledge” that can help us to come out of the “darkness of ignorance”, to understand the Absolute Truth and to understand ourselves - this is the main purpose of Jyotish. It is not only one of the 6 "Vedangas" or limbs of the Veda. It is specifically the "Eye of the Veda". And as a human cannot walk and do things properly without eyes, so we cannot live our lives fully and happily without "the Eyes" of knowledge.  

As a boat travels through a sea being navigated and guided by stars, so Jyotish helps us to navigate in the sea of life in our boat of the body.

In other words it is a science based on knowledge of astronomy, time cycles, mathematics and Vedic scriptures that can help a human being to reach the perfection of life.

Although being a truly ancient (at least 8000 years old as per Surya-siddhanta) science, based on texts like Brihat-parashara-hora shastra, Jaimini Sutras, Brihat Jataka, Phaladipika etc. in our humble opinion it nevertheless stays one of the best if not the best methods of problem solving and understanding of self that are here for us in the 21st century.


Artur, UK Artur, UK

Recently I met Artem in India and I think that was one of the most important and greatest moments of my life. I got the opportunity to share with him my personal difficulties in spiritual life and general. Artem is very deep and very spiritual person who knows very well the Vedic Holy scriptures and is able to recognize the problem and issue of an individual and help him in a personal way and generally by understanding perfectly knowledge about astrology to find the best solution for seeing the clear picture of life I can say with full confidence that he gave me a completely full description of my last 10 years and what will happen next in another few years with clarity in full details there was 101% right. He was looking not only on visible planets but as well look on invisible planets which describe much more about the psychic and psychological side of my personality, which allowed me to know myself much better. I suggest for everyone makes a chart with him without any doubts and I will defiantly recommend to everyone who will be interested in astrology and not only. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it from the core of my heart for your personal help to understand my self more deeper.

Stepan, Czech Republic Stepan, Czech Republic

My name is Stepan. Since I had several astrological consultations with Artem, I would like to say a little bit about each of them.
First time I approached Artem around 6 months ago. I had a chronic tonsillitis and the doctor told me that if I don’t fix it somehow, I would have to be operated… So I decided to ask Artem for an advice based on my horoscope because I knew he was doing all this kind of stuff altogether with yoga etc.
After analysing my chart he suggested a diet, various asanas and some particular Gemstones to wear. I followed everything very strictly and only after 1 week I started to feel much better but nevertheless continued to strictly follow the recommendations. Very soon after that the problem disappeared and I haven’t had any problems with my throat since.

Because I was able to get rid of my health problem following his recommendations, I decided to try to solve some other issues that I had at that time also. First of all I was very concerned about my career… Although I have finished IT with BA I was still very unsatisfied and didn’t really want to work in that area. Thus for about 1-2 years I was changing 1 job for another trying to find something that I would be happy doing but unsuccessful… Therefore I have consulted him about this problem of mine. The areas he mentioned were very appealing for me so I decided to seriously consider the options he has given. Suddenly I recollected how he mentioned «vehicles» and this particular thought in my mind completely struck me… Somehow I understood that all my life beginning from my childhood till now I actually wanted to be a pilot! Unfortunately this remained only a dream for long time but now suddenly this particular consultation did something with me so that I couldn’t resist my desire anymore and got a complete understanding of what I actually should and want to do! I know it won’t be easy but I can’t imagine doing anything else… Now I am learning in a pilot school and can’t wait for next class to come!

I was also in doubts about where should I live deciding between Prague, Berlin and London so I asked for clarification and after hearing all the cons and pros of each city I have finally decided for Prague and I am very satisfied here. Finally I had a comprehensive relationship compatibility reading altogether with a precompatibility reading. I was in a relationship at that time and although we got engaged, after several months there were too many quarrels and conflicts so the relationship was in a great danger and we wanted to split… this was the time I decided to ask for Artem’s advice again… as it appears our compatibility score is actually quite high but there were some issues that caused all the fights and misunderstanding. The consultation enabled me to look at the situation from a different point of view and understand how I should behave toward her and what I should do with my behaviour. Thus, although the relationship still goes through a difficult period, we are nevertheless together and trying to make it work. Although it is not easy we still feel happy being with each other and are convinced that we will not give up.

Deepak, Singapore Deepak, Singapore

I took a «Varshaphala» (Persian system of yearly predictions) reading from Artem. I was specifically interested in analysing the events of one of my past years because many different things happened and it was very confusing for me, so that I wanted to understand what was actually going on and how can I benefit from it in the present. So he helped me to go again over those various incidents from the different (astrological) angle which was very insightful and interesting! The thing is that he is really good at analysing charts, doing predictions etc. and based on my experience, I believe he will do a great job.