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About me

Hi, my name is Artyom.

From my childhood, as everybody else, I had a desire to discover my unique purpose in this life. Who am I? What kind of job should I do? How can I be the most useful for the society and those who are dear to me? Basically, I had all these questions that every person asks oneself at some point of one's life.

Unfortunately the answers were not provided neither by my environment I grow up in, nor by my friends or the official educational system. In fact, even after finishing my high-school at 18 I was still absolutely confused about what should I do. I didn’t know what exactly am I good at, why am I not capable of having healthy relationships and “what the hack is wrong with me in the end?!!”.

Consequently I felt like a total looser in life... Almost like a useless cell in the body of our human society. And I think if you are reading this now, you may feel something I felt at that time or perhaps you know a lot of people who feel like that. No wonder. Since our modern society and our modern education doesn’t care much about our success and our happiness. We are not taught how to think or how to understand ourselves and what happens around us. We are thought to memorise and to follow as sheeps. And that was how I was taught also. At one point this approach and disappointment made me quite depressed and desperate person who hankered for some change…

Fortunately I was not only complaining and staying low. No! I was actually looking for answers actively and because of my perseverance and desperation and no doubt by a great amount of luck, my search brought the desired result.

In 2012 I bumped into something called as “Vedas”. The ancient Indian knowledge which at that point of my life gave answers to all the questions I had and opened my eyes on many things I even couldn't have thought about by my limited mind with my childish understanding of reality. That was truly a crucial point that completely changed me. This was the point when I started to be seriously interested about psychology, self-development, self-discovery, astrology and all other topics and occult sciences with similar connotation.

Although it was only a beginning, at the same time this was the time I got so many priceless realisations about one’s psyche and have managed to build a very strong foundation for understanding the true Vedic psychology and psychoanalysis which I started to learn back in 2015 and am still using in my practice up till today…

Since the time of my first encounter with this ancient knowledge I managed to give more than one hundred classes on Vedic philosophy and psychology in many different places of world like Prague, Vilnius, Kaunas, Tallin and London where last year I did a 4-hour powerpoint presentation, showing the Vedic model of psychoanalysis and it’s practical application in every-day life. During that time I also did a lot of readings and research on this topic.

Being quite satisfied with my work and the amount of help I am able to provide with that I also felt a need to study astrology deeply. Especially Vedic astrology to which I was attracted immediately after hearing about it. My journey into Astrology was not easy. I had to overcome many difficulties and obstacles. I even had to completely change the way I calculate and interprete peoples' horoscopes but by a great fortune I found the proper way of doing it and established myself firmly.

Last 2 years of my life (20017-2019) I was living in India - the motherland of Vedic astrology - trying to immerse more into the unlimited ocean of Vedic literature altogether with sanskrit and astrology itself. The more I studied, the more I understood how profound, precise and scientific the Vedic astrology was…

On this website you will find a variety of readings based based on 3 different complementary systems which are meant to handle variety of issues in all spheres of one’s every day life. In these readings I use all my experience and knowledge to guide people in their lives and to help them not only to solve their health, financial, relationship etc. problems but to become truly successful by understanding the foundational overlaying principles of life and by discovering their true innate nature.

Currently I am staying in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague. So you can approach me for consultation either personally or through this website.