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Astrological and Vastu consultations.
Solving problems by Vedic methods.

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How do we work

  • Service
    Choose the service you are interested in and place an order through the basket, filling out the service order form. You can also contact me using an email given in the "contacts" section if something is not clear to you, or if you have questions about the consultations themselves, etc.
  • Preparation
    We discuss your questions, clarify the details and agree on a term
    • 1) online format via skype or any other adequate messanger
    • 2) personal meeting 
    • 3) audio recording
  • Payment
    You should make the payment in 2 working days after the reservation of the consultation term through the bank or Paypal that you will receive from me
    (if payment doesn't come in 48 hours, the consultation is automatically canceled)
    Payment in cash is also possible if you have chosen the offline format.
  • Consultation
    We meet on the appointed date or I send you an audio recording