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As explained on the main page, Jyotish is a part of the Veda and thus is considered to be a "brahminical" activity. This practically means that it should not become simply a business.

However, you should keep in mind that:

One of the greatest astrologers of India - Varaha Mihira - states in his Brihat-jataka that one should not approach an astrologer with empty hands and should come with some amount of gold or food.

Since in our time bringing gold or food would be rather difficult and impractical (especially when we life in different parts of the world), I provide consultations for voluntary donations according to the person's capacity.

It is important to understand that if you want to get some knowledge/understanding and benefit from the consultation, first you have to make some "space"for this knowledge and understanding to come.

If you come with a full glass, no more watter can be put inside it. If you don't give something up, you won't be able to take anything from the consultation.

Thus, please, don't approach me if you are not ready to make some sacrifice. Otherwise it will be just the wastage of your and my time.

The donation should be given after the consultation and the amount is determined according to your satisfaction and gratitude for the consultation.


P.S. Please take into consideration that besides 30-60 minutes of the consultation itself, the preparation for the consultation takes usually around 1-2 hours or sometimes even more. This is especially so when I am doing calculations for Compatibility where I have to check dosens of different things before making a judgment or when I am doing a Muhurta reading where I have to consider a great amount of factors that influence the particular period of time and select usually not only 1 but several auspicious timings that would match you.

For those who have no idea what can be the real value of such guidance and time spent for your chart - average prices for 1 hour consultation move from 50$ to 200$+. This is just an estimation that you can keep in mind but of course must not adhere to.