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Second consultation

Follow-up consultation

up to 30 min - 39.99 €

A follow-up visit after the main Ayurvedic consultation.

During this consultation we first analyze and identify the changes from the previous visit. This will allow us to see concrete progress or deterioration in the context of your health and the effect of the recommendations prescribed in the initial consultation. You will be able to see everything clearly in graphs, numbers, pictures. No more doubts as to whether what you are doing for your health has any effect or not. Regular visits will guarantee that you will always be aware about the condition of your body and that you will be able to prevent the impending problem in time or, if necessary, contact a narrow specialist in this area in time.

Specifically, we will address the problematic areas and processes identified in the previous consultation and the dynamics of the development of pathology for better or worse (usually, if the person carefully follows the recommendations, improvement is observed).

At this consultation, there will also be a general revision of all recommendations and, if necessary, an adjustment of the diet, herbs, asanas, etc., based on the current state of health.