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Astrologick√° kompatibilita

Astrological Compatibility


30min - 1 hour 

(only with birth time)


A comprehensive and practical compatibility analysis based on 3 complementary Vedic systems which will give you a deep insight into the upcoming or current relationship of your choice.

Based on Traditional and Modern compatibility evaluation techniques.

The uniqueness of my approach and this consultation is that I do all compatibility calculations manually and verify them several times. In addition, I'm considering a huge number of different factors, which are generally neglected or overlooked in a superficial analysis in the program or by starting astrologers. Among these factors are not only various obstacles, or Doshas, unfavorable combinations in individual horoscopes of partners, but also others. 

It is very important that this consultation also includes practical tips and astrological ways of solving specific problems in the compatibility of the partners and of improving the quality of married life.

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