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Astrological compatibility

Astrologická kompatibilita

up to 15 min- 25.99 €

up to 45 min - 69.99 €

up to 90 min - 99.99 € (optimal choice) 


What are the prospects for this relationship? What can be done to improve it? Should I start a relationship with this person? How well do we fit together? In this consultation, we will analyze these and many other similar questions based on dozens of different parameters (besides the well-known Ashta-kuta).

Compatibility analysis is one of the most important aspects of astrology, which helps to save a lot of time, effort, investment, resources and nerves in case the couple is not compatible and there is no sense to build a relationship.

In case of good compatibility, this analysis will help you to better understand the dynamics of building the relationship in a proper way and the nature of both partners, identifying weaknesses and growth areas.

The first option is a "budget" option. This option is only suitable for you if you have a lot of candidates and you would like to consider them all and try to choose the most promising of them, or if a brief and compact review is sufficient for you at the moment. I will make the basic calculations and briefly describe to you the picture and perspective of the relationship with this or that person in general without going deeply into details. I made this option so that everyone can afford to make a compatibility analysis regardless of the amount of money one has at disposal, but I strongly recommend buying the 2nd or 3rd option if you want a full-fledged analysis.

The second variation (up to 45 minutes) is good if you want to understand the compatibility and dynamics of your relationship with a particular person at a moderate level without delving into individual horoscopes. This option is sufficient if you have not yet decided or have not started to build a relationship with this person, but are still at the stage of selecting candidates. It is also good if you are in a relationship and are not sure whether to get married or not. I will make all the calculations and take into account all the subtleties that I know. We will have 45 minutes to discuss everything we can and sort out your questions on the topic. Suggestion of corrective measures is also possible for this option.

The third option (up to 90 minutes) is the best and is suitable for those who have already entered into a relationship or marriage, want to deeply understand compatibility with a partner/ spouse, understand themselves, partner/spouse and find out what can be done to avoid problems in this relationship and bring them to a better level. Also, this option is suitable for those who are not yet in a relationship, but before making a decisive choice want to study the issue from all sides and work with their horoscope before getting married or entering a relationship. This option is the most complete and detailed. Here I also give specific Upayas or methods of harmonizing various kinds of negative combinations and positions in the horoscope in the sphere of relationships. 

In this service (regardless of the option), data about the place and time of birth of both partners will be very important. If the data are not accurate or not available, compatibility can still be evaluated, but it will not be as detailed and precise as it could be.


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