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Astrological consultation

up to 60 min - 79.99 € 

up to 90 min - 89.99 €

up to 120 min- 109.99 €

By purchasing this service, you can ask any questions on any topic that you are truly interested in (general analysis of the horoscope, abilities, talents, purpose of life, relationships, children, career, work, finances, spiritual life and spiritual path, moving and relocation, real estate, place of residence and much more except for the topic of health - I do not advise on health, since I have neither medical nor Ayurvedic education).

At the consultation, we can also devote time to the analysis of present, future or past planetary periods and events associated with them.

Questions can be about you or almost any person you are interested in.

In addition to answering questions, analyzing current planetary influences, analyzing specific situations, etc. you can get individual corrective measures (Upayas) to work with your destiny (karma) and your horoscope.

For this service, data about the place and time of birth will be very important.

Before signing up for a consultation, please read the section "How do we work".