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Ayadi Calculations

up to 15 min - 29.99 €

Ayadi calculations – the ancient system of Vastu calculations, which allows to calculate the size of any object that is suitable energetically for a specific person for whom the calculation is made.

Such furniture, room or business card will contribute to the achievement of the goals of this person in all his endeavors (especially in those with which it is associated), and will also attract the influence of positive energies, success and prosperity, repelling negative ones.

At the output, you will get specific sizes for the item / thing / room at your discretion. After receiving the dimensions, we will discuss whether they are suitable for you in size, etc.and if they do not fit, I will make a recalculation until we choose the option that suits you.

1 service is made for 1 specific thing or object (it can also be the foundation of the house, the size of the room, and in general everything that comes to your mind)

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