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Consultation on Ayurveda

Consultation on Ayurveda

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This consultation on Ayurveda consists of 2 main parts - analytical and recommendational - these are 2 separate sessions that take place one after the other on different days. During the first session, an analysis of key indicators and the state of the body is made, and during the second session specific practical recommendations are given based on the analysis from the 1st part. 

The basis of this consultation is pulse diagnostics using advanced modern technologies developed by Ayurvedic doctors and scientists of the National Association of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Analytical part (up to 75 min)

- in the analytical part we will consider the following points:


 - the main health indicators showing the amount of energy, the level of toxicity, the state of the autonomic nervous system, the level of stress and much more. These indicators are not just some numbers on paper, but the most important parameters that, at one time, were used by scientists to examine astronauts before they were sent into the outer space.

-we will define your constitution from the position of Ayurveda (Prakriti and Vikriti), as well as from the position of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). And we will also take into account many different indicators for the state of your body, such as: Dhatu, Doshas, Subdoshas, Primary Elements, etc. 

-we will analyze the functional and morphological state of all twelve functional systems of the body or meridians (from the position of TCM), and determine which of the six stages diseases can be in your body (from the position of Ayurveda) 

- we will analyze the state of your bioenergetics / aura and the specific distribution of energy for each of the functional systems 

- we will consider the state of the Chakras in your body and give an interpretation to all this 

Simply put, you will get a very specific, understandable and objective view of your current state of health and body. 

Recommendational part (up to 45 min) –

In the recommendational part, you will receive specific and practical recommendations for a healthy lifestyle based on the analytics from the 1st part. 

Recommendations will include fully personalized, tailor-made advice based on your specific Ayurvedic and TCM constitution, the state of all your functional systems, meridians and other individual parameters discussed in the first part of the consultation: 

0) recommendations on daily routine, lifestyle and behavior

1) diet

2) herbal collection (a set of herbs, plants, spices, etc.) - 2-4 pieces

3) a selection of aroma oils - 1-3 pieces

4) a selection of Ayurvedic nutritional supplements and vitamins - 1-3 pieces

5) a selection of asanas (health exercises from the yoga section) - up to 10 asanas


I will take into account ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and will make recommendations AS PERSONALIZED as possible within the framework of Ayurveda and TCM, taking into account your state of health and your specific body.


PS: for each product / spice / medicinal plant / aroma oil / food additive - not only all of the above indicators will be taken into account, but also such Ayurvedic parameters as rasa (taste), guna (quality), virya (energy), vipak (taste after digestion), prabhava (unique action), dosha, influence on dhatu, tattva (primary element), karma (pharmacological action) and rogaghnata (therapeutic action), which must be taken into account when drawing up an individual diet, etc.


No general protocols and book recommendations - you and your unique nature with its constantly changing indicators will be in the center.


Attention! This consultation is in no way a substitute for a visit to a qualified doctor or specialist within the framework of modern medicine and should not be considered as a complete alternative to modern medicine and its treatments. I am not a doctor and do not treat or diagnose according to modern medicine. This consultation is carried out exclusively as a consultation on a healthy lifestyle.