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Muhurta - selection of an auspicious time

3 dates with a particular date and time for ordinary stuff beginnings - 14.99 €

3 specific dates with time for the beginning of travels and for bying / selling stuff - 25.99 €

6 dates with the particular time for conceiving a child - 49.99 €

3 dates with a particular date and time for m  - 49.99 €

Starting at the right time reduces the number of risks, troubles, failures, unforeseen problems, crises, etc., and also increases the chances of success of the initiative.

Starting at the right time is one of the few "windows" of our free will through which we can influence our destiny and make changes in it.

Statistics show that people who are successful and achieve something in life usually intuitively or "by the will of fate", start things at the right time.

Starting at the wrong time increases the number of risks, troubles, difficulties, unforeseen circumstances, and problems in general. The more important the event, the worse the consequences of the beginning at the wrong time.

A good example of starting at the wrong time is a divorce in case of a marriage, bankruptcy in case of a business, theft or loss in case of a purchase, etc.

Data about the place and time of birth are quite important here, since in addition to the general factors of the auspiciousness of the day (Panchanga, etc.) and the general influence of the planets on all people at a given time, your individual planetary periods (Dasha) and Planetary Transits (Gochara) and other influences of the individual horoscope are also taken into account.

For the selection of dates, more than 30 parameters are considered (and not just the phase of the Moon and the day of the week, as some novice astrologers do).

The selected dates are strictly individual in nature. These dates will suit you with your horoscope. (as a rule, favorable days for something specified in popular pages of social networks or sites are not suitable for everyone and are often "favorable" only very conditionally, since only a few, often not even the most important, criteria are taken into account)

The first option - most of the initiatives of a different nature - is done quickly enough and does not take much time - so a low price is available.

The second option - the specific initiatives listed above are, in fact, the most important and most difficult in the context of choosing a favorable day and time (especially marriage and conception). They take a lot of time to analyse and the date can go much beyond the expected or specified period of time (for example, people want marriage in 2021, but for some or other reason in 2021 there may not be any suitable dates for them and they will have to wait for 2022, etc.)

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