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Planning the premises from the scratch

1х 60 мин - 69.99 €


3х 60 min - 169.99 €

3 sessions for 30-45 minutes, depending on the stages of building the house and the layout, or (69.99 €) – 1 session for 30-45 minutes to discuss one specific stage (plot / house outside / house inside)

You want to buy a plot of land and build a house / shop / office, etc. from the scratch

  • no plot, no house yet
  • the plot is already there, the house is not there yet

This option is probably the best, because it is an opportunity to do everything clearly and correctly according to Vastu from the very beginning and thus save a lot of time and resources on corrections and problems that you will inevitably face if the house is not according to Vastu. Such a house will immediately differ from others with its vividly manifested positive energy, contributing to success and good luck in all spheres of life and all endeavors.

We will start from the selection and arrangement of the site to the construction of a house, or we will analyze one specific stage of construction / search for a site at your discretion.

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