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Selection of auspicious name

Up to 20 min 19.99 €


This service will be useful for those who want to give a name to a child, a business/company, a website, etc., or, perhaps, change their current name.

It is very important that the sounds we hear every time we are called attract favorable energies and influences. They can either help us change our destiny and transform our consciousness for the better, or contribute to our degradation and decline.

Of all the primary elements, the most subtle is the ether or space. And the basis of the ether is sound. By influencing the sound, we can influence other primary elements. This allows to influence one's fate to some extent and, accordingly, the events that take place on the rough plane. Thus, the selection of the correct name is a corrective measure (Upaya), which can to some extent correct the horoscope of a person or organization.

This selection is made on the basis of secret techniques passed down in the tradition and takes into account the entire horoscope and the location of the planets and other key points in it. (and not just the sound of the Nakshatra or the position of the Moon, as you can read about it on the Internet).

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