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Short question - short answer 

up to 15 min - 19.99 €

This type of service is ideal for those who want to ask 1 specific, clear and short question with the desire to get an answer.

The question can concern any sphere of life and any person. The question should ideally imply the answer "yes" or "no". It is very good to ask questions in this format: "Will it be favorable?"…»

For example:

-would it be favorable to move to live in this city?

-is it favorable to start a relationship with this person?

-is it favorable to buy this property?

-is it favorable to do business with this person?

-will it be favorable to study at this university?

Within 10-15 minutes, I will voice the details and nuances related to your question, so that you better understand why this should or should not be done. I will also provide corrective tools to address this particular situation if you are interested in them.

Data about the place and time of birth, in principle, are not required, but if you have them, it will be a benefit.

Before making an appointment for the consultation, please read the section "How do we work".