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What is Vastu Shastra and why is it needed?

Vastu-shastra is a science that deals with the study of a person's position in space and time and the influences on him of the forms next to or within which he is.

Vastu takes into account the impact on us and our space:

-various energies (such as Jaivik and Pranik-urja)

-Lunar and Solar streams (such as Suurya and Chandra-pravaha)

-directions of the cardinal points (East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North and Northeast)

-5 primary elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether)

-Planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu)

-magnetic fields and the Earth's magnetic grid

-the Deity or Deva rulers in and out of the premises

-many other factors that a qualified Vastu specialist knows and takes into account


The place where we live is an extension of our consciousness and the place that has the greatest impact on us in life.

Our housing can contribute to our health, well-being, happiness and prosperity, or destroy them, creating many problems and difficulties. (chronic illnesses, problems in relationships, money and work problems, quarrels / conflicts / scandals in the family, problems with conception, dissatisfaction with life, stress, fatigue, pathological lack of energy and much more ...).

Vastu helps to understand what energies and influences is a person open and close to and then how to correct these influences.

Vastu helps to reduce unnecessary difficulties and makes life easier, relieves unnecessary stress, makes it possible to solve specific problems and difficulties in life in all areas.

All events in life exist in space (ether) and run parallel to the natural flows of energy. If they flow freely, the native meets in life with a positive chain of events and vice versa. Vastu helps to make the flow of energy in the space around us as unobstructed and clean as possible. For this purpose, various means are used: plants, crystals, water objects, stones, metals, prisms, pyramids, changing ground levels, color gamut, redistribution and movement of things and objects in space, and dozens of other techniques.

Just like Vedic Astrology, Vastu is a very powerful tool for working with your consciousness and changing your destiny.

The influences of our premises in which we live are so strong that they can make a person either completely sick and shorten their life span, or healthy and full of energy. They can deprive one of all wealth and prosperity, or reward one with wealth and abundance. They can completely destroy privacy or contribute to a harmonious and happy family life.

Correct housing is the foundation of our entire life, whreas wrong housing is our worst enemy and the cause of endless suffering.

How does Vastu Shastra differ from Feng Shui and does it work in Europe, Russia, etc.?

Among the serious practitioners of Vastu, there is an opinion that Feng Shui once originated from Vastu and I also hold this opinion.

Both systems are aimed at harmonizing the space in which we live and are, and each system has its own tools and methods for this. The main characteristic of Vastu, however, is that it is based on the Vedas - ancient scriptures of non-human origin, which are pure revelation that has come down to our days through the disciplic succession of the great sages.

Vastu works everywhere - wherever you are, regardless of our nationality or religion.

How much does a consultation cost?

The price of each service is indicated for each service.

What do I need for a consultation?

First, you need to order the service by filling out the order form.

When we contact each other and discuss your questions, I will explain what I need from you (mostly technical materials such as premises plan, etc.)

What is the format of the consultation?

The consultation can take place in one of three formats

1. Personal meeting at Magistru 13, Praha 4 Michle (day and time by agreement)

2. Online meeting via skype or other convenient messenger (day and time by agreement)

3. I am sending you an audio recording and after it you ask me questions, if something was not clear to you, etc.

How can I make an appointment for the consultation?

You can sign up for a consultation by clicking on the "Order" button, filling out and submitting the form.

This can also be done by contacting me directly through one of the contacts indicated on the page.

Do I need to know something about Vastu to understand the consultation and will it help me if I know some basics? 

No, no prior knowledge of Vastu-shastra and other Vedic sciences is required.

In practice, I noticed that some so-called "basic knowledge" obtained from free Internet sources or pseudo vastu practitioners can slow down the consultation process or even prevent you from getting a clear answer due to various kinds of prejudices, beliefs and misunderstandings of some fundamental principles of Vastu-shastra and other Vedic sciences. Therefore, if you have some kind of base, and it corresponds to what is really contained in the primary sources, it is very good, otherwise I recommend listening carefully and asking questions during the consultation, and not demonstrating your knowledge of Vastu, etc.