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Vedic Astrology - Jyotish

What is Vedic Astrology and why is it needed?

Our life is like a movie the plot of which are various events, and the actors are the people around us. We ourselves are the directors of this film, and the script are those actions that we did in past lives and continue to do in this one.

If the movie is filmed and recorded, there will always be one ending. No options. Just as scolding the actors on a recorded film, punching the screen and performing other unreasonable actions is useless and will not affect the ending of the plot in any way, in the same way the desire for everything to be fine with, resentment towards the loved ones, positive thinking, an attempt to achieve everything simply with the help of one's willpower, etc. are more or less useless.

The only way to influence the ending is to re-shoot the movie. Astrology and the tools it provides is one of the ways to change the plot (along with yoga, pranayama, spiritual practice, prayer, etc.).

Sounds very simple, but in fact this is something what qualified astrologers do and what benefits they can bring.

It is important to understand that behind everything in this world there is karma as an instrument of the Supreme. Karma is the cause, and all the external manifestations that we observe and in which we participate are the effect. By changing your consciousness, you can change karma, since it is stored in our consciousness. And by changing karma, you can change external events with whatever they are connected and solve the problem that you are trying to solve.

However changing one's destiny is not easy. If this were so, then everyone would be always happy, no one would get sick, die, or grow old. Everyone would be rich, healthy and happy. Destiny can only be changed by special means called Upayas, or even better by sincere and intense spiritual practice. It is through them that the astrologer helps a person to make some significant corrections to the script of fate.

Going to an astrologer can be compared to going to a doctor. Just as a doctor first makes a diagnosis of a patient and then prescribes the necessary medications, so an astrologer first analyzes your destiny from the point of view of various Vedic sciences (such as Jyotish, Vastu and others) and provides tools for working with it and with your consciousness.

From the foregoing, it follows that a real Vedic Astrologer is a person who deeply understands the principles of the universe, is versed in various Vedic disciplines and leads a pure and exalted lifestyle , applying all the knowledge gained in his own life. Only such a person will be able to make the correct diagnosis and, by the grace of the Almighty, understand what can help this or that person in his particular situation.

How is Vedic Astrology different from Western Astrology?


The answer to this question lies in the question itself. It is the word "Vedic" that is the key. "Vedic" means that it is primarily based on the Vedas - ancient scriptures of non-human origin, which are pure revelation that has come down to our days through the disciplic succession of great sages.

The principle here is simple - astrological school that follows the Vedas and bases its calculations and interpretations on the Vedas is Vedic.

In addition, Western and Vedic astrology differs in the approach to the analysis of the horoscope, the techniques used, terminology, etc.

How much does a consultation cost?


The price is indicated for each service.

What do I need for a consultation and what to do if I do not know my time of birth / it is not accurate?


Some services require information about the time and place of birth in the following format:

Country, City

Time, Day, Month, Year

If the time of birth is not known or is not accurate, the service can still be ordered, but you must definitely mention that the time is not accurate or you do not know it.

Knowing the exact time of birth in the services in which its need is mentioned is a big plus or even a necessity.

The most important component, however, is your specific question or problem that you want to solve.

What is the format of the consultation?


The consultation can take place in one of three formats:

1. Personal meeting at Magistru 13, Praha 4 Michle (day and time by agreement)

2. Online meeting via skype or other convenient messenger (day and time by agreement)

3. I am sending you an audio recording and after it you ask me questions, if something was not clear to you, etc. 

How can I make an appointment for the consultation?

You can sign up for the consultation by clicking on the "Order" button, filling out and submitting the form.

This can also be done by contacting me directly through one of the contacts indicated on the page.


Do I need to know something about Vedic Astrology to understand the consultation and will it help me if I know some basics?

No, no prior knowledge of Vedic Astrology and other Vedic sciences is needed.

In practice, I noticed that some so-called "basic knowledge" obtained from free Internet sources or pseudo-astro-experts can slow down the consultation process or even prevent you from getting a clear answer due to various kinds of prejudices, beliefs and misunderstandings some fundamental principles of Vedic Astrology and other Vedic sciences. Therefore, if you have some kind of base, and it corresponds to what is really contained in the primary sources - very well, maybe this will help you quickly understand the essence and direction in which to move. Otherwise, I recommend listening carefully and asking questions during the consultation, and not demonstrating your knowledge in the field of Astrology, etc.